On June 22, 2017, we celebrate the 7th anniversary of the first baby rescued from abortion through Human Coalition’s cooperative work. Many of you know my personal story leading up to that night. While I was living in Florida in 2007, a friend and I tested an idea to reach hurting pregnant women using the Internet. The test was successful, but I moved to Dallas in 2008 and re-entered the world of for-profit work. For several months God pressed me to restart the work to save babies, but I resisted. Although I was pro-life, I wasn’t interested in being directly involved in the work of rescuing children and families from abortion. However, I relented after several months and started Human Coalition as a side project at the end of 2009.

In May 2010, a few of us restarted the test to reach and serve abortion-determined women. We called three pro-life pregnancy centers and asked if we could work in their areas to send hurting women to them. One of those centers was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – a center that my wife and I had supported for years. A month later, on June 22, the director and assistant director of that center called me and said they’d just rescued Baby #1!

When I got off the phone, I wept.

I was sorry for complaining and stalling to start Human Coalition. But I also wept out of excitement. If we could rescue one baby, maybe we could rescue two? Or 10?

Now seven years later, I’m looking at a TV monitor in the Human Coalition office. It says we’ve rescued over 6,500 babies from abortion-determined situations. And our pace of rescued babies is increasing every year. This year we have a goal to rescue 2,000 babies from abortion. We are well above pace to do just that.

I choke up thinking about the last seven years. I never, ever would have thought that God would direct me into full-time justice work, helping end the worst holocaust in American history. I never dreamed God would build Human Coalition into one of the largest pro-life organizations in the country. And I certainly never thought we’d play a part in rescuing over 6,500 lives from abortion – preserving 6,500 families and their children and their grandchildren.

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But our work is far from complete.

We have a very long way to go. The country’s largest abortion clinic, Planned Parenthood, is roughly 120 times our size. With over 3,000 American babies being aborted every day, I know we have rescued just two days worth of babies. But we press on toward the goal.

Like any job, there have been good days and bad. We rejoice that we helped rescue our first set of triplets this year. We mourn too many babies lost to abortion. Sometimes the fundraising seems easy. Other times (like this summer) fundraising to save babies is frustratingly difficult. There are days when I rejoice at how many Christians rise to the challenge of ending the worst scourge on the American Church. Other days, I mourn the apathy and shocking lack of interest some Christians show when it comes to rescuing these image bearers of God.

When I look back at the past seven years, I can’t help but see God’s hand at work. He took this sulking businessperson and turned me into a passionate, committed man intent on bringing justice to the most persecuted people group in American history – preborn children. He birthed Human Coalition from nothing and grew it into an Internet outreach effort; a Contact Center; relationships with 35 pro-life pregnancy centers; seven of our own women’s care clinics in four states; a groundbreaking Continuum of Care program to serve women and families after the crisis; a church outreach team; and more new ideas we are developing for years into the future.

Our God-sized dream – to expand and one day see Human Coalition’s approach thriving in 32 cities across America so abortion becomes unthinkable and unavailable – seems impossible most days. But when I look back over the past seven years, I realize God is at work, provoking His Church, rescuing His children, and answering our prayers to see abortion ended in America in our lifetime. I trust that He is moving us all toward that day, intent on seeing a culture of LIFE return to America. And I can’t wait to see what He does next through Human Coalition.

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Help us see this God-sized dream become reality. We believe God will do IMMEASURABLY more than we can ask or imagine.

Do you believe that with me?