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Volunteer Opportunities – Raleigh

Volunteer Opportunities at the Raleigh Women’s Care Clinic

Here are several ways to get involved at the WCC:

On-going Care Volunteers: Assist our Nurses and Care Coordinators with follow-up calls to the clients throughout their pregnancy. Make monthly calls to check on the client each month throughout her pregnancy until she delivers. Making sure she comes by the clinic, with the baby, to pick up her baby gift to celebrate the birth of her little one. Commitment: Once or twice a month to make the follow-up phone calls.

Parenting Class Instructor: Lead parenting classes for clients who have chosen life for their child and are first-time mothers. Teach parenting tools and educate on subjects like…feeding your baby, choosing a pediatrician, immunizations, disciplining your child, and much more. Commitment: Make your own schedule with the clients. Typically four 1-hour classes per client.

Childbirth Class Instructor: Teach first time mothers how to be prepared for labor and delivery. Subjects include: Medications available, C-Sections, Breathing techniques, and more. Commitment: Make your own schedule with the clients. Typically three 1-hour classes per client.

Ways your small group can get involved:

Other volunteers opportunities to help our clients: