When “Cynthia” first contacted Human Coalition’s Call Center, she was desperate and frightened. Having just taken a pregnancy test, she used words like “not ready,” “afraid,” and “abortion” as she talked about her next steps. With compassion and kindness, the HC call agent gently encouraged Cynthia to visit one of our participating life-affirming pregnancy centers so she could be provided with a pregnancy test and one-on-one care.

The following day, Cynthia arrived at the center with her boyfriend of three years, “Jordan”. At the tender age of 19, neither one of them had the support of their family. It quickly became clear to the center’s staff that this young couple needed more than just prenatal care; they needed nonjudgmental understanding and compassion.

When the nurse took them to the ultrasound room, Cynthia became visibly upset. With tears and trembling, she confided that if her parents ever discovered she was pregnant, they would likely disown her. Even as the ultrasound probe rolled over her belly and an image of an eight-week-old baby appeared on the monitor, Cynthia talked openly about getting an abortion. Meanwhile, Jordan remained silent, saying only that he would support his girlfriend in whatever choice she made.

Like many women with whom we come into contact, Cynthia couldn’t see beyond the mountain in front of her. She believed she’d have to bear the burden of childbirth alone. Patiently and compassionately, the clinic’s staff helped Cynthia and Jordan understand that they were there to assist them—not just throughout their pregnancy, but for as long as they needed.

Before the couple left that day, the clinic staff prayed with them, asking God to protect their unborn child and fill them with His wisdom and peace.

After several prayer-filled days, Cynthia finally called to inform the staff that she and Jordan had decided to keep their baby!

Cynthia and Christopher

Cynthia and Christopher

As promised, the clinic walked alongside the couple throughout their pregnancy, meeting tangible needs like diapers and infant clothing, as well as support in the form of parenting classes and prayer.

Today, Cynthia and Jordan are the proud parents of “Christopher”.  And Jordan is working full time to provide for his family, while Cynthia finishes her last semester at trade school.

Both admit that if were not for our help and the compassionate staff of the women’s care clinic, it’s unlikely they would have chosen Life for Christopher.

Baby Christopher

Baby Christopher

Thank you for supporting Human Coalition and helping to rescue baby Christopher from an almost certain death, while helping to equip his parents with the resources they need to care for him.

Your continued generosity allows us to minister to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies throughout the country. Through your support, we can connect with abortion-determined individuals, provide them with the truth about abortion, and encourage them to choose Life.

“Christopher” is here today because you and others cared enough to give. Please continue to support us in our mission so we may help rescue more babies and their families from the tragedy of abortion.